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Gettin Hitched


I’ve been completely out of commission with my July 30th wedding…sorry!  Rest assured, I have been in the gym and will ready to rock for the August 13th Twin Cities Open!!  I will be posting a summary of my training very soon!




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I must say I’m pretty excited about the Packers winning the Super Bowl.  I’m not from Wisconsin, and I have not been a life long Packers fan.  However, growing up in Michigan with the Lions….you almost had to branch out a bit.  I also have family in Wisconsin and let me tell you…that whole thing about bleeding Green and Yellow….that’s no joke.  Packer fans are a pretty devoted bunch!  I’ve even been lucky enough to a go couple of Packers games.  Yep, Lambeau Field is awesome.

Me and my honey at a game in ’09!

I swear this is a real Packer player….We ran into him after the game we went to in ’08.  Fun times!

It was a great ending to a really rough week last week.  I had a cold that just wouldn’t quit.  AND…I was seriously sore.  My squat workout Wednesday had me crippled for the rest of the week.  I got through my workout fine on Thursday because it was all upper body.  But by the time I woke up on Friday….my legs hurt so much I wasn’t even sure if I was going to be able to get out of bed.  And my cold did not respond well to three full days back at work.  So I buckled.  I didn’t work out on Friday or the rest of the weekend.

My legs were so sore that if my fiancé even touched my quads, I was through the ceiling.  This brought up a good point though.  Why were my quads so sore, but my glutes weren’t sore at all?  My glutes should be heavily involved in a hard squat workout, but they obviously weren’t.  That’s not good.  So next time, I’m going to have to think really hard about getting all Nacho Libre up in there.

I’m hoping to have a much better week in the gym this week.  Right now I’m honestly feeling like getting back into a groove is going to be a bit of an uphill battle.

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Double Duty

 Yesterday was a long day, after a long night of no sleep.  I can’t believe the way that my leg workouts keep me awake at night.  It’s crazy!!  I guess I could see it if I was working out at 9pm, but I don’t.  I lift from about 5-6:30.  It seems like the 3-4 hours that I’m hanging out at home before bed would be enough for my muscles to calm down.  Apparently not.  I don’t really have the option of doing my leg workouts any earlier in the day so I’m just going to have to figure out a way to settle everything down.  Maybe a good stretching session before bed?  I foam roll after every workout, but maybe I need to do some more?  I don’t want to resort to sleeping pills.  I need to get good sleep though. I feel my ability to control my diet slip away the more tired I get.  I start to grab everything in front of me just to get through the day.  Also, being at the gym both before and after work several days a week requires a very well rested person in order to maintain that pace!!

Yesterday was the first day of my weight loss challenge.  In an effort to lose as much weight as possible in the next 8 weeks, I ate pizza, 2 cokes, and a giant oatmeal cookie.  Ugh.  Like I said, my sleepiness eliminated all ability to control what I ate.  I’m okay with it though. I hate feeling super restricted.  It typically causes me to rebel and eat even more junk.  So I just accepted it and moved on.  I had two good workouts to balance me out a bit.  Yesterday morning, I was at Anytime Fitness for my first Weight Loss Challenge (WLC) workout.  It was a standard circuit type cardio workout.  It was fun.  I even feel a bit of soreness in my rib area from the multiple sets of planks that we did. 

The trainer that is running the WLC and creating the workouts recently got wind of my powerlifting efforts. This is not an ideal situation.  I participate in these workouts for something fun and different outside of my powerlifting routines.  I do not intend to lift any heavy weights or seriously fatigue any muscles.  I leave that for my regular workouts at IST.  However, once a trainer gets wind that you might be somewhat stronger than their average client…watch out.  You instantly become a personal challenge.  They want to do everything in their power to make your life hell.  I am going to have to put in a lot of effort to rein in this urge on his part.  There will be none of that sir.

Then after a long day at work, I had my normal IST workout.  Ray had told me that he planned to overtrain me this week in an effort to punish me for taking a vacation next week.  I knew the workout was going to be hard, but I was a bit discouraged when I saw and order for SIXTY pull ups pop up on my phone.  Ugh.  I know I can do 50, but 60 just seemed like so much more!  In addition, I had already done a workout that morning and I had to do 3×3 at 95 pounds for bench and 5×10 at 40 pounds for dumbbell rows before I even got to the pull ups.  Needless to say, my normal 8-10 reps for the first set was more like 5.  So I just kept chipping away at it 5-5-5-4-5-5-3-4-4-4-3-3-3…..and so on.  It was super lame, that’s all I’m sayin.  Luckily, all I had to do after that were 3 sets of skull crushers and I was done.  I was a complete sack of shit after that workout though.  However, I did not experience any shoulder pain from the benching which I was super excited about!  I think the dork cable pulls are actually helping…and some excruciating foam rolling.  Hopefully I’ll be back on track sooner than later!

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My 15 minutes

Here is the link to the state records if you want to see my name in lights….


And lastly…..another demotivational poster.  Just because I’ve been known to waste my life watch an episode of Jersey Shore every chance I get now and then…..

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Playing Catch Up

I’m traveling this week so I haven’t had as much time to post, but it’s been a fun week in the gym….that’s for sure!  After three days, I am finally able to walk.  The 5 sets of 20 squats just about did me in.  The muscles in the backs of my calves actually started getting sore because I was walking so funny.  It was awful.  Luckily the workout I did on Tuesday didn’t involve my legs at all.

I did an old fashion circuit workout.  I haven’t done any circuits or super sets in a long time so it was a nice change of pace.  They were all five sets of 10 reps.  First I did pull ups and shoulder presses.  That’s right, it was a return of the 50 pull up challenge.  There was, of course, more rest this time around.  Next up was dips and bent over rows, and the last round was shrugs and barbell curls.  It wore me out,  but it wasn’t too bad.  At least it distracted me from the pain in my quads….

On my way home I stopped at the gas station to get ice.  I’d been told repeatedly that I needed to take an ice bath in order to make my legs feel better. I HATE cold water and I really didn’t want to do it, but I was desperate.  I went inside and told the guy at the counter that I needed a 20 pound bag of ice.  He sat there scratching his head for a few minutes and then told me that I could actually get 24 pounds of ice cheaper since the 8 pound bags were on sale.  Now, I realize the poor guy was trying to help.  But what he was actually doing was adding 4 more pounds of HELL to my life, pure hell.  How do you explain to the innocent check out guy that he’s actually ruining your life by trying to save you money?  You can’t.  So I thanked him and took the 24 effing pounds of ice.  I hobbled into the house hauling one bag at a time up the stairs, whimpering the whole way as my quads felt like they were shredding into a million pieces.  I turned on the cold water and dumped the bags in.  Great…it was ready.  Now all that was left was to get in.  No time like the present.  Just hop in.  1, 2, 3, go! #^%$%&@!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cold.  Very cold.  I couldn’t even really breathe at first.  Then is started burning.  I looked at my watch and realized I had only been in there about 30 seconds when it had felt like an hour.  I was dying.  I wussed out after less than five minutes.  I was no match for 24 pounds of ice.  It was fun while it lasted, but i promptly dried off and got into my PJ’s.  And so ends the story of my one and only ice bath.

I spent most of Wednesday hobbling around cursing my trainer.  I also had to make a 5 hour trek to Green Bay, WI where I’m spending the weekend.  You can imagine how much I tightened up during that ride.  I also spent the entire 5 hours dreading the fact that I had to do the same 5 sets of 20 squats all over again the next day.  I REALLY didn’t want to do it.  I laid awake thinking about it last night and it was the first painful thought on my mind when I woke up this morning. 

I eventually threw my gym clothes on and set off to find the nearest squat rack.  I ended up at Anytime fitness.  I did the bench sets first 3 sets of ten at 100 pounds and then 2 sets of 8 at 105.  Last time I needed a lot of help during the 2 sets of 8.  This time….I sailed through them.  Then it was on to the 5 sets of 20 squats.  I went up 5 pounds to 100.  The first set went great, but i was still expecting it to get hard in the 3rd or 4th sets.  But….it didn’t.  It went great. I was tired, of course.  But I didn’t want to open my veins right there in the squat rack like I did on Monday.  Success.  And I was Really happy to have it over with.

Tomorrow i go back to the superset workout I did on Tuesday.  Easy Peasy ; )

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Wow, what a day. I don’t think I’ve been that nervous in a long time. My head was actually pounding at the end of the day from all the nervousness. I’ll try to do a quick recap of how the meet worked and my experience. The whole thing got off to a bit of a bad start. I went and did all my pre-registration on Friday night. I knew that weigh ins started at 9:00 on Saturday morning, but I wasn’t too worried about being there exactly at 9:00 because I had already gotten most everything out of the way. Oops. I got a text at 9:05 asking where I was. Uh…I’m on my way. Apparently I was supposed to have weighed in already. They obviously can’t weigh in men and women at the same time because you have to strip down to your undies….or get naked, depending on how serious you are. So, I missed it. I got there around 9:30ish by the time I parked and made it inside. They had already started with the men and there was a pretty big line. I milled around a bit and wasn’t exactly sure what I should do. Then this big guy, Brad, caught wind or my situation. He kept saying that I should just go up to the front of the line. I didn’t want to cut and make the guys wait because I had missed my time slot, but he wasn’t having any of that. He went and cleared all the guys out of the locker room for me, and then tracked down a woman to weigh me in. It was super nice.

After the weigh in, I had wanted to watch some of the bench only competition. I got to the stands just in time to catch the medal ceremony, shit. Then it was time to start warming up for my squat. But first….I had to change into my ridiculous outfit. Then I headed down to the weight room to stretch and do some warm up sets. I did quite a few with just the bar, then went up to 135, then 155. It was all pretty easy and I felt good. Next up was the rules meeting. They went over all the stuff that we already knew, all the calls, how to turn in your weights, etc. For some reason it all made me a lot more nervous though. I had 20 minutes after the rules me before my first lift so I went back to warming up a bit. Peed three or four times and then headed to the bull pen area. I was up second for the squats. My opening weight was 159 or something. I was so nervous I don’t even really remember. I just went out there and prayed that I would remember the calls and not screw anything up. First I had to wait for the bar to be loaded, then the judge says “bar is loaded” and you can come onto the platform. Then you can go and unrack the weight. Next you have to stand with your knees locked out completely until the judge says “start”. You have to squat down to below parallel and then come back up and lock you knees out completely. When the judges are satisfied, they say “rack” and you can rack the weight. Seems simple, but it’s so many things to remember. The next weight I tried was 170, and then I did 187.5 for my last attempt. It was a personal record (PR) by 2 pounds ; )

More to come, and some great pics.

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So my stomach is turning, and I’d even say that I feel a bit light headed.  I’m nervous.  Really nervous.  I had to make another run to the store yesterday to buy more tee shirts.  I guess they recommend cotton t-shirts.  Silly me, I tried to find something tight so I didn’t look like I was shop lifting or something with all the extra clothing stuffed down my onesie.  I bought socks earlier this week too, but I guess they were too high so Kati is trying to find me another pair.  Essentially, I think we’re going to show up at the check in tonight with my entire wardrobe and let them decide what they want me to wear.  So ridiculous.  I think I had less trouble picking prom dresses back in high school.  Here’s a little taste of the uber intimidating look that I’ll be sporting….

Now you just have to add frickin knee socks and my bright white shoes.  Yeah……I’m going to look like a dumb ass.  But so will everyone else.

Right now I”m looking forward to two things.  Getting this over with and getting back into the gym.  It’s been tough to sit around the last few days.  Hopefully it will pay off.  I’ve looked into the idea of eating certain food to prepare myself for tomorrow, but all I’ve found is guys talking about how their favorite pre meet meals are things like Pizza and milk or burger king.  Yuck.  I think I’m just going to go with the standard spaghetti with more meat than noodles…just the way I like it.  And sleep. I’m going to do everything I can to try to get some sleep tonight, although I don’t know how well that’s going to work out.

I’m a bit reassured that I have one last chance to ask questions and walk through everything tonight.  I have to enter my opening lifts when I check in too.  My trainer is nervous about my squat, and I guess I am a bit too.  My hip flexor has been really sore the last few days.  I stretched it a lot last night and broke out the foam roller. I plan to do more of the same tonight.  Hopefully that will get me through.

Again….nervous.  So F#%king nervous.

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